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Charm Your Customers With an Online Advent Calendar This Christmas


Get your brand in front of clients and customers every day in the lead-up to Christmas!


Drive customers to your website or e-store and incentivise them to buy, while you capture data.


Your advent calendar is created with your unique design, logo, colours and message!

See how it works

How It Works:

Let Santa's elves create an Online Advent Calendar for your business, so you can surprise and delight your customers while spreading the Christmas Cheer to all of your contacts. Every day a new window or box opens to reveal your special surprise! This could be a voucher code to spend in your eStore or website, a special offer, a game or a competition capturing valuable customer data. It doesn't matter what you hide, we can help you create it. Once you've invited your contacts to visit the Online Advent Calendar, watch it spread through social media, and watch your list grow!

We can create something completely unique for you, or you could simply let us add your logo and greeting message to one of the Advent Calendar Online's standard designs (see our Gallery for examples).

We'll give you a graphic to link from your website, and supply header, footer and and some suggested email copy so that you can send a daily email reminder to your database so they can click through to your branded Advent Calendar Online.

An email a day keeps them coming back, and using your twitter and facebook pages to share the link each day helps even more people to interact with your brand!

"I have worked with Bianca and the team at Calm for the last four years and one of the viral campaigns we always get involved in is the Christmas advent calendar. Our clients and staff always look forward to receiving this from us and continues to get fantastic feedback year upon year. There is nothing better to invoke the Christmas spirit by making work just that little bit more fun each day in the run-up to the festive season."

September 13, 2012
Ian Spoors, Digital Media Executive at Bond Dickinson LLP, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

3 Reasons Why Your Customers Will Love Your Advent Calendar

  1. They just want to have fun in the dark days before Christmas and you give them the perfect excuse to play!
  2. They love exclusive bargains and love being the recipient of special offers
  3. You make them feel special, like they've been hand-picked to take part


  1. Your brand is in front of your customers — and their friends — and friends of friends every day of December.
  2. You capture data and grow your list through send to a friend, competitions, vouchers and special offers (customers have to give details to redeem)
  3. Boost online engagement and activity. One customer saw a 44% increase in their facebook page activity because of their Advent Calendar.
  4. Increase sales during December and beyond!


  • Random spot prizes
  • Grand prize draw
  • Leader-board competition
  • Giveaways or discounts to people who "share" the window on social networks or email
  • Just for fun videos or quizzes

If you'd like to hear our ideas, or discuss yours, please do get in touch.